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Wedding Boudoir


Standard Session– 349
2-hour session
Unlimited outfits within allotted time
Unlimited sets within allotted time
Products sold separately  

This is an American tradition from the Victorian Era. 

     Before the groom is to walk down the aisle; her maid will present to him a small portrait for him to see. He will see what she is wearing under her dress or what she is going to wear for him THAT EXCITING NIGHT..!  


“It will put in his mind a fantasy he will never forget…!”


     Usually the Maid of Honor will arrange for all the maids to chip in to buy this present for “Him”..!!!

If possible you should have your photo session for the beautiful concept is at least a month before the wedding.


Usually this is a once in a lifetime photo session....! 


     All you have to do is bring to the photo-shoot what she is going to wear under her wedding dress and we make you sexy. Or you bring you lingerie that you will wear that evening for him and we shoot beautiful images just for him.  We will shoot what he will like to see. 


     You shots can be taken at our studio or you home where you feel more comfortable. We will use our studio lights for beautiful lovely effects.  We will use shadow and light to enhance your most beautiful features and to hide your flaws if you have any… 


     We will also fully retouch the image you pick.  That means adjust color, white balance for skin tone, sculpt the body by taking in a little here make their fuller. Smooth the skin etc. 


     Sometimes, the brides bring all her maids and shoot in lingerie together. Champagne makes it a fun evening while we shoot beautiful images. 


   We also have a shoot for him too.  Women love to see her man sexy and it is such a surprise for her..!!!

The cost of your prints depends on the size of prints. Or buy the CD.