PinkButterfly Boudoir | TESTIMONIAL

You will not be disappointed. Debbie and Michael are very adept at lighting, position, angles and everything else that goes into a compelling photograph that will leave you smiling. They are both very professional and can create an image that is both flattering and true to you regardless of your body shape or any flaws you think you may have. Highly recommended.

They are so incredibly awesome to work with. You will feel so comfortable, as a plus size gal that is not confident with my midsection, it means a lot that I can say that. The photos turned out better than I could have ever imagined. Cant wait to show my man! JULIE R.T

I've always wanted to do a boudoir photo shoot and has never worked up the courage to do so, BUT yesterday it happened! Words cannot explain how AWESOME my first experience was. I couldn't have worked with a better team then Debbie & Michael. I didn't trust myself doing my own make up for this photoshoot so I chose to have my makeup done by their artist. I didn't know what to expect and oh my goshhh, Marte, their makeup artist did an amazing job! Ill most definitely be using her in the future! -KIM R

I had a fantastic experience at Pink Butterfly Boudoir.  I am a bit on the shy side, but Debbie and Michael made me feel very comfortable during my photo shoot.  I had my hair and makeup done by their makeup artist, and she did a fabulous job.  My photos turned out absolutely beautiful.  Very sexy, but tastefully done.  Debbie is a very skilled photographer!
I gave the photos to my boyfriend for an early Valentine's Day present.  He loved the portraits.  He must have blinked about 10 times the first time that he saw them, and he keeps raving about them on a daily basis.  He was so surprised.
Thanks again,
Debbie and Michael!!- RHONDA P.
Hi Debbie and Michael!!!
The photos turned out AMAZING!   I am beyond words for the amount of time and work you did to help me create this boudoir album.  The value was unbeatable and unexpected.  The two of you made me feel so comfortable and beautiful.  For that, I am thankful!!!-JULIE R.


Well he LOVED the picture =).  He was shocked...speechless for a good minute.  Thank you so much for making me look so wonderful. He has no clue that I took additional pictures. This will be the gift that keeps on giving.  Candace was really happy. I've been trying to talk everyone I know into doing the pictures. I think every woman should give it a try. 

OMG my silhouettes are fantastic...and he totally loved the progression photo of me stripping. He just kept smiling and smiling.  You'll be hearing from me again!  Best,  Tanika
Just viewed the photos. Wow, they look great!  I really love the laying shots and the one of me standing by the window.  I can't wait to see the rest of the photos.  Thank You,  Lorraine :)

Michael I just LOVE them!!! Thank you so so much!   Jaime

Just want to thank you guys so much fit the awesome job you both did and for making me look and feel beautiful. My hubby is happy and they're all just favorite lol.  He's all over me...hee hee    I'm gonna add you to my contacts so that my email with prints don't go to spam. Thanks again!!  Maria

Just wanted to let you know that I finally emailed my boyfriend the digitals  and he loved them! He said they were hot & sexy....and then said, "Holy sh_t, you are beautiful". Lol. I'm glad he loved them...made it well worth the investment. Thanks to you guys! :) Lorraine
Hi Michael & Debbie,
I just received the package in the mail with the 8 x 10 photo, payment plan, thank you card and the $50 gift certificate.
My husband was ecstatic (to say the least) when he saw the photo. He really loved them and wanted to see more pictures. LOL.   Anabel
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Jade wrote: "I wanted to "Thank" Michael Torres and Debbie Torres of Pink Butterfly Boudoir and D and M Studios for an Outstanding and Amazing pictures they created of me.  The best photographyers I ever worked with from the start.  Thank you for being my new best-friends and my mentor.  You make me who I am as a Model.  I love you guys so much... Thank you"  Jade


I gave he photo to Ben last Wednesday and he LOVED it!!   Ben would like to see if there are some that would be suited for his desk.  Thanks!!  Danielle...!

Omg!! Those are gorgeous pix! Love it!!! outstanding work ! I am beautiful..!!!  Cant wait to see you retouch them. Add some a few of these on the book too pls! Thank you so much .. You are guys are too amazing. I'm in love!    Janna

My husband LOVED the photo, said he kept thinking about it all day the next day.  Kim..!
Thanks so much again, Debbie.  I showed one of the girls in my office and she wanted to know who shot it.  She said she's working her nerve up to do a boudoir shoot sometime soon so I've recommended you.    Alice
I got it!!! I love it! I could not wait a moment longer....I gave it to him and he cried! Thank you so much!  Jennifer
Oh my god!!!!! You rock!  You sure made me look beautiful in these photos!  Thank you for all your hard work and expertise!!  Gina
A special 'Thank you'..!!!   to Debbie Torres and Michael Torres for the photo shoot today. You are awesome and I loved working with you! For something that could be stressful, you made it such a nice and exciting experience! YAY!  Shaundré L. Gouveia


I cannot thank you guys enough...My boyfriend at the time was lazy about us.  I thought I would have to leave him for someone more serious about me.  But the implied nudes of me and those few with a little more sent him over the top. First he was upset, but then the more he looked at them the more picture of me he wants.  Of course now you know we are married and he printed out some large portrait that are on our bedroom wall.  Cristina


After my boyfriend went out on me, I cried and cried.  He said I am not so pretty anymore.  So when you guys made me get all made up and made me bring my lingerie and dress and took sexy pictures of me.  I was feeling much better and empowered after the session.  When he came over to my apartment and I left them out just hidden under a mag so he can find them discreetly laying out.       He went ballestic, wanted to know who they were for, etc and then wanted me back.       I took one picture, signed the back and gave it to him saying this is all you get of me.      I used this technique to get my new boyfriend.    He pays me so much attention and now I do dress a little better now...  :)  I will be back for more soon...  Janna


Michael and Debbie - your guys' talent never ceases to amaze me! You guys are definitely the real deal! You deserve every opportunity that comes your way. I can't help but say wonderful things about you guys because you guys are professional and best of all build a really good relationship with your models. Yes, I am pregnant now because you two.  When my baby bump gets more noticeable, I can't think of a better team to take the first shots! I love you guys!  Rose


I just wanted to take this time and say thanks for a great time and fun shoot, I was a little nervous when you started opening my shirt to show my chest.   All the compliment made me feel handsome..  I wanted to laugh out of embarrassment lol..   When you had christina tie me my arms up and she sat on me tickling me and kissing me I was in heaven.   We now have a new hobby hee hee.. U guys are choke full of ideas and I hope I can be part them and bring out what is in your heads out.   Hassib


Hello Mike & Debbie  I had a great time with you guys!! You guys are like family so I wasn’t nervous at all or shy… you made me feel real comfortable and sexy…..!


Thank you guys for everything I so can’t wait to get and see them!! But take your time!!  Can you give me the website to view/purchase the pictures when you guys put it up!!  Oh and if you can make my but look a little bigger for the little poster for my BF that would be great!! Hehe yesi know you did a wonderful job and i have received about 30 messages from photographers that want to shoot me that’s crazy.  Jessica


Thank you, thank you, thank you,  You made me beautiful…!  I was so nervous and I didn’t know what to expect.  My pictures of me are beautiful and my ex’s want me back. I put some of the pictures on my my space and I am getting all kinds of offers to date... For the first time in a long time my life, I got what I wanted for me.  And truly look and feel beautiful. This was so good for my heart…Thank you Debbie so much!   Janna


Michael and Debbie -I had so much fun and I always wanted sexy pictures of me to give to my husband.  I was so comfortable and the picture came out way better than I ever expected.  I had no idea.  I showed all my friends.  I like them so much you can show anybody you want.  You made me so pretty.  Thank you again so much...      Tracie


Debbie and Michael I had so much fun…!  I look so good in my pictures.  I felt so pretty and comfortable with you two.  I never laughed so much in a photo shoot.  Can’t wait to do it again.  I have some new ideas that I’d like to try.   Christina


I love my pictures they are soooo amazing.  I look hot!    The first time you guys took pictures of me I was soooo nervous.  These last pictures of me before my pregnancy I looked hot!  Because of the picture I'm pregnant again.  Now that I am pregnant I want sexy maternity pictures. 


   I AM PREGNANT...!  He wouldn't stop leaving me alone.  The pictures excited him so much that he dominated me..!   OMG Thank you! The pictures are such treasures.    Yelena


My headshots are great.  I so wanted to tease my boyfriend and the Nude head shot of me was perfect...!  The cropping low showing my shoulders down but not showing my nipples was perfect.  It was such a tease..!!   I can't believe he shows all his friends...!!!  Michelle