PinkButterfly Boudoir | STUDIOS LIGHTING



Most photographer will photograph portraits using natural light. Usually through a window.  Not only do we photograph exquisite portraits using natural light. We also use studios lighting.  

We customize our studios lighting to your face and body shape. Which means we shape the lighting to capture and enhance your beauty and minimize your perceived flaws.  To make you look slimmer or use the shadow to give you more shape.  Sometime our dramatic lighting is used to enhance body parts such as your sexy butt or breast..! We can shoot a soft spot on just your legs or head to give you that Glamour Hollywood effect.

We also diffuse the lighting to soften your skin and features. The look is beautiful as you can see.  

Maybe direct light through your lingerie for a slight silhouette. Bring in your ideas and we will try to match what your looking for.  I promise our lighting is beautiful. Compare it to others..!

We can't wait to use our lighting to capture your beauty..