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Every photographer can shoot with natural light. But not all know to enhance that natural light to give a wrap around 3D effect. An image that look so real and detailed as if you can touch it.
We shoot to show the texture of your fabric and skin. I am also one of the few photographers that capture the true color of your eyes and skin.
I photograph you to enhance your beauty and minimize your perceived flaws.

I prefer photograph you with neutral backgrounds so your images cannot be dated. When a person looks at your photographs they will look like they can be shot yesterday.
Otherwise a background can look great today but cheesy a year from now.

Retouch, I process and retouch all the images. We don't send them out or process them or use a one size fit all program. That can make you skin look smooth and void of all texture and nuances. Look at all the other work that's out there. You will see what I mean.
Pink Butterfly BoudoirPink Butterfly Boudoir