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Fine Art Portraiture has a different meaning for everyone. But if you find that there is a photograph or portrait that you want to hang on your wall. That it has been captured or created just so. Then that is an artistic piece.
I have found, if a portrait or sculpture or any other art, can hold your attention for a minute or more. Then it is a great work of art. If you find that you have to come back and look at it again. That it provokes a strong emotion with in just you. Than that is a great artistic piece. No matter if you love it or hate it, that it provoke a strong emotion is a great thing and gives it its meaning.
When I photograph you, I try to shoot for that one images that can be described as art. Not just pretty or beautiful portraits.
As you view our gallery of clients you can see many pieces that can described as so. From boudoir and cultural portraits. Silhouettes, contours, outdoors, natural light and more.

These images are timeless and can be passed down thru generation. They can be heirlooms. I want to inspire your family to view you as art. Because there is no greater art than the beauty and curves of a women's body.
Pink Butterfly BoudoirPink Butterfly BoudoirPink Butterfly BoudoirBoudoir Silhouette Artistic Portraits

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