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Studio Lighting is a technique that most boudoir photographers here in Sacramento, Elk Grove area cannot do. So you will see most of their work with natural light, outdoors and black and white images. As a photographer they are very limited in giving you what you want without knowing studio lighting techniques.

We use the 6 basic lighting techniques to show a multitude of portrait work. Advance lighting techniques to create the more dramatic seductive images that are one of kind.

We can create the Hollywood Noir look. (nu-wah). Make night look like day or Day into night. Create shadows that hide your perceived flaws and enhance beauty. Create images that look like you can feel the skin and texture. Use light and shadow for an implied nude. Add color light to look like moon light or firelight. In some of our portraits we even use real fire for its lighting beauty.

With studio lighting we create beautiful artistic images for your cultural portraits and silhouettes, body contours outline, playboy and Hollywood style beauty images, spotlight a specific area of your body and so much more.

One of our secrets with natural light is we use studio lighting to enhance natural light for a cleaner brighter more beautiful look. Boudoir photographers call us asking us how we light this and that. So much so that now we teach studio lighting techniques for boudoir photographers.

Clients bring us pictures and ask can you shoot me this way. Usually we can and we have a blast doing it. Please enjoy the detailed lighting aspects of our photography.
Pink Butterfly BoudoirPink Butterfly BoudoirPink Butterfly Boudoir