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All the other sites have young models that never had children and are gifted with beauty as examples of their photography. They barely need any retouching at all. I only have one model on my site. She is also an actress and she is beautiful but she is always letting me know what to retouch, where, how much plus she wants me to bring her boobs up, make her butt rounder and more. To me she is perfect, but we are always our own worst critic.

Me too...!!! I need all the help I can get when it comes to my personal photos haha... Just so you know other photographers send me their work so I can retouch for them too.

Everybody else on my site are real everyday women from house wives to professionals in the business world. Who have stresses and children and do it all. So I will fully retouch any image you select without any further cost. As a professional this is what I do.

I retouch for scars, stretch marks, surgeries, blemishes etc. I will also make hair fuller, add shine to the skin. All the while keeping the texture of your skin intact. I do not use a program to retouch you. I retouch your images from scratch. Every one.

Also at your request, it may cost a little more but worth it...I can lift up boobs or behind, take in the waist and more. At the same time keeping you look as natural as you are. Body reshaping is a lot more work and at the same time keep your image of you looking as tho you never been touched.

Please, take a look as some of my work and you will see that you will have nothing to worry about.
Before and After Retouch