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While I was visiting the middle east. I went to a friends wedding and her fiance' pulled me aside in almost a whisper, asked me if I could photograph his wife undressing. Another ask if I could take some pictures of her for him, taking off her clothes. They did not know the word "Boudoir" or the like. Other married and single women would secretly ask me if I could take beautiful body pictures of them.
I wondered and did some research and discovered beautiful portraits capturing these woman in intimate and various state of undress was rare. Of course portraits of women and men were all over the place fully clothes standing firm very proud. But an intimate image behind closed doors of her taking off her Abaya, kimono, Ao Dai, and more is very rare. So now I photograph these images for you if you have your traditional fashion. Can you imaging that you are slowly undressing in front of your lover as I capture that beautiful shot.
This is very rare and very artistic portrait to have.
Pink Butterfly Boudoir