PinkButterfly Boudoir | NATURAL LIGHT CONCEPTS -2



Natural Light Portraits


“Painting With Light”

The word "photography" is derived from the Greek for ‘painting with light’.  We use this beautiful light to paint a portrait of you. As Boudoir Photographers we had learn to see the quality of light and color of sunlight.  

Most photographers shoot with natural light.  Unfortunately though most photographers don't understand the quality of natural light or know how to capture a beautiful image of you in natural light.  Their images lack true color skin tone or no detail in the shadow of your hair for instance.  So they over process it to look different.

 We learn to shoot with natural light in a few different ways to capture your beauty and learn to be able to capture the quality of light and how is  shows on you.  As a result your images become “Heir Loom” portraits

Generally there are two types of light – Natural and Studio (artificial).        Natural light that comes from the sun. When we are photographing you, the "quality" of the light is what we are aspiring to capture on you.     This is the most beautiful light to use to enhance your beauty.  We study how the light is caressing you.  How the shadows fade or envelopes you. How is shows your skin tone, hair and color of your eyes.  How deep or how shallow the shadow is on your beautiful face and body. 

         We capture this light in different ways to enhance your beauty, shape your look and minimize your perceived flaws. 

As Artistic Photographers, we are students of light and when we pose you in the light. We learn to bounce, enhance, diffuse or adjust light intensity and how it lights you to paint a beautiful portrait of you that you will love

Please view our examples and if you can, see the quality, color and clarity of light on our images.  Some of them look like painting...!!!