Beautiful Implied Nude Silhouettes



We now have beautiful implied nude silhouettes concepts for you.


     These are one of kind images.  You cannot find another photographer who can photograph these with the light quality that these deserve. Photographed correctly the light itself become the shadow on your body.  The light shadow shows the contours of your body.   So in our images you look more 3D or rather than just a 2D cut out.  

     I can honestly tell you that these images are beautiful and one of the best teases possible.   Men absolutely love these these portraits and are the most requested portrait by men to have from the one the are totally interested in.  In addition, when a woman shows these images to someone they are interested in. Their guy cannot think of no one else and it wins them over and love begins.  

     The beauty of these images are that you are completely nude. Everybody can seee that you are "but" you cannot see any detail of your body, nipples or anything else. Just a "light shadow" of the contours of your body which makes these perfect for those who are little shy. 

     If you prefer, you can be photographed with some type of sheer fashion such as a Sheer Robe, Shirt or Baby Doll lingerie. As long as its loose and bells out to let light through. 

During colder days around the holiday, we do photographed these by fireplace light. All you have to do is bring a fireplace log like "duraflame" and we will shoot...!

     What not to wear in the concept.  Any fashion or fabric that shows a definite hard shadow on your skin. Such as a thong, swimsuit etc.  We will explain why at your session. 

    Anybody can be photographed in this concept.  If you are worried that maybe your body does not look right for this. Do not worry. We do retouch and reshape your body to look fantastic.  We will uplift or make your breast fuller, reshape your butt, bring in your tummy. All at your request.  What we do is realistically reshape you as if you are in motion. When in motion everything tighten up.  

If your interested at all, give it a try. You may be surprised.  Remember we can always delete.