Cultural Boudoir


Ancestral Cultural Boudoir are heir loom portraits to be cherish and passed down through generations.  

     These are one of kind portraits. We use a special lighting technique to capture these.  Also special retouching processes to capture the color of your skin tone and cultural fashion.  Before we start you session, your images will be color balanced accurately.

    First, we would like you to wear your make up and hair in the tradition of your culture if possible. 

  • Then we will guide you through a series of tradition poses.
  • Then to capture the sensuous essence of your ancestors, we will have you slowly undress in a demure, innocent fashion to show only what your husband or forbidden lover would see behind closed door.  Beautiful, innocent and natural.  

Images and poses to capture your beauty usually only seen behind your door while undressing for your lover.  

     To process your images we go through great detail to bring out the clarity and colors of you and your fashion. Your skin will be totally retouched for scars, stretch marks on breast, thighs, stomach and buttock. We will remover spider veins, blemishes, shine your skin. Lastly upon your request we will bring in your tummy, uplift your breast and buttock, slim your arm or body. Fluff your hair or anything else you need.  

If you have a cultural outfit from your ancestral home land or can acquire one for this shot. You must do so. These are "One of kind" images.