If you would like one or two of these lighting concepts.  

Then we can possible photograph your portrait of you with this in mind. We take care with our lighting to enhance your beauty and use shadow to minimize perceive faults, weight and make your much more shapely.  The type and measure of intensity of light is design to give your skin a softer or smoother look. Notice the quality of the images. The light,  clarity, blurred out background rich skin and fabric tones and color. 










Natural light is one of the most beautiful type of lighting for portraits.  We capture your true tone and color of your skin. Use the light to enhance your look.  We can photograph you with the light shining through your lingerie or just enhance your curves. So many different  and poses that we can shoot with sunlight.  Trust us...we will capture your beauty.   
























We all know what American Pin Ups are about.  We love to take the average American Pin Up concept and add a little more edge for more tease.  

European and Asian Style Pin up have a lot less on. Sometimes nothing at all. The poses are the same but with that difference.  Be as fun and as sexy as you want to be. This is totally so much fun..!   Remember, men want to see more skin.  So be prepared to let loose..  Be fun and flirty..!

Oh..!!!   If its your birthday have your friend or friends buy you a session. If everybody chips in then the cost is nothing at all..



By far the most requested shots.  These images are oh so teasing.  These are one of the most sexiest and dramatic images a girl can have. Once the one you like or love see this image, it is imprinted in his or her head, love will blossom and "LUST"

These are one of kind type images. There are very few photographers who can photograph these correctly.  To use the light to contour your curves in the shadow. 

The beauty of these images are, as you can see that you are nude, but no detail of you can be seen. Just the contours of your body. 

If you are wearing some type of fashion, it must be sheer and colorful. Try to have some detail in your lingerie for this style.

These are a must have portraits...!

If your not sure and you want one. Try it, remember we can always delete.




Many cultures have their own cultural ancestral fashion. The idea of these exotic fashion when she is undressing is every man's dream. We specialize in photographing and capturing these beautiful images. If you have ever thought about this, please come to us. Husband and lovers have confessed that having these type of image are dreams come true. 

umbrella silhouette

Pink Butterfly Boudoir



Beautiful American Style boudoirs...

are more look at me, I'm sexy fun and cute. These are so much fun..!  You usually have some type of lingerie, skirt or corset on. Fashion along those lines.  If your a little shy then these are for you. 





Many cultures have their own cultural boudoir.  European boudoir tends to be a little more elegant and not cutsey with big smiles. They also tend to be more intimate and show allot more to fully nude but the attention is focused more on the emotional and beauty aspect.  

Even though you would or may see nipples or other intimate areas the focus is usually on the facial or body expressions.    If fabric is used, it tends to be more rich, lace and sheers with elegant jewerly.  Implied is a big hit with a lot of confidence and sophistication as you see with the images below shows..  

Boudoir, Implied Nude,


Pin Up, boudoir, breast, nipple, nude, green shoes, blonde elegant





If your into cross fit, body building, figure, bikini competitor or a Dancer then you NEED this..!  Capture the images of your body while your in the peak of your fitness.  You are beautiful and you need to have a series of portraits of you.






Nude and Implied nude concepts and poses are unlimited.  

We are Artist First, Photographers second. So when we first started our Artistic Photography.  Our first orders was commissioned work to photograph artistic nude portraits for clients.  We photographed them and created the lightng and set them in poses so you could not recognize who they were. So when friends had came to peoples home and seen these. They would say, "this is beautiful, who is the model" No knowing that their host was the model.    

The first thought we want people to think or say is "These are beautiful" not "oh shes naked"  

 The first reason to be photographed in this artistic concept is for yourself.  So you can look back over the years to see yourself.  

Second is too give to someone special. For many of you who trusted us to photograph you in this concept. Thank you so much, it was not only fun and beautiful, but it was also our honor.  To allow yourself to be photographed you in this genre is an unconditional sign of trust in our work.  

When the one you want sees this image of you, he or she will never forget it and they will want you forever.  For the person viewing your image is usually very emotional.  

Having yourself photographed in this way is not easy. When we photograph you in this concept your not just laying, sitting or standing there. We will have your stretch, arch, point and tighten up all over.  When your done you may be sore and need a massage.  

Bring us your ideas on poses and lighting and we will create your concept and we will capture your beauty.  Our pose can hide this or show that. Our lighting help contour your body shape to enhance your features. We have photographed so many of these but unfortunately we only have permission to show a few. 

Once you have completed your session. You will feel different and free. For a woman being opening up to be photographed in this was is an exhilarating and unique experience. You will be a different and confident woman. 

The woman below has 3 children and have wanted to do this all her life.  We had her arching and stretching and elongating herself. She said, as she seen her images of herself displayed on the monitor she felt empowered and beautiful.